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Women's Smart Watch, 1.85 Inch Wireless Smart Watch for Android iPhone

Women's Smart Watch, 1.85 Inch Wireless Smart Watch for Android iPhone

SKU: 1010276517


  • Please look forThis product Sold by Frontier of technology, other stores do not have Mingdaln brand authorization, they are counterfeit products, please do not buy, please pay attention to the store name when buying, Thanks



Our team:


    Mingdaln is a team dedicated to manufacturing smart watches and is committed to meeting customers' various functional needs for smart watches. Unlike other brands, we are careless in our promotions. We spend most of our time researching how to produce unique and beautiful watches. We actively listen to consumers' opinions about our products and provide professional and fast customer support services.


1.85-inch TFT high-definition full screen, 240*284 resolution: The screen with high color reproduction gives you the smoothest visual experience. Smart and convenient interaction design, dynamic UI interaction, optional DIP switch. Secondly, you can customize your watch face. It can be any photo, such as your family, pets, etc., to meet your personalized needs, follow the rhythm, and give you a different experience


Wireless calls and message push: Answer and make calls anytime, anywhere, with clear speaker sound quality, you can clearly hear what the other party is saying. Supports information push across the entire network (WeChat, QQ, Instagram, YouTube, Messenger, Gmail, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.), so you don’t miss any important information and reduce anxiety


Multiple sports modes accompany your progress: including running, mountain climbing, cycling, basketball, badminton, football, yoga and other sports modes. All-weather exercise tracking records your exercise process in real time, allowing you to better adjust your exercise status and become your professional sports personal trainer


IP67 waterproof: supports hand washing and showering, meeting daily needs (note: do not use it in water with a temperature exceeding 100.40°F, such as showering, sauna, swimming, long-term soaking in water, etc., which will affect the waterproof life).


Multiple functions support checking your physical condition at any time: dynamic sleep and other monitoring, smart alarm clock, wireless photography, stopwatch, timer, phone search, sedentary reminder, weather


The large-capacity battery gives you a sense of security: it can be used for 7-10 days in standard mode, 15 days in power-saving mode, and more than 20 days in standby mode (warm reminder: each charge takes about 2 hours)

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